So ECMW has come and gone. I had a fantastic week here in Charlottetown. I am very proud of our team and all the early morning meetings and late night shenanigans…they never missed a beat! (Here I would like to formally thank Coffee and Red Bull)

So we had excellent meetings with delegates from Canada ,the States, U.K to Australia….good week at the office I’ll say!

The ECMA team were wonderful and a big shout out to Rose Allen for being so accommodating and putting up with my annoying messages hahaha

Radio ECMA -go on Jim and Norma, you guys are too awesome!

ECmama’s who by the way had THE best showcase room. I don’t think we could have fit one more person in there!

The staff at the venues- tremendous

I am of course leaving out so many other great things but one has to process and there hasn’t been time.

On a more personal note, it was just gorgeous to get glammed up and head to the awards show with my wonderful partner in all things life, Miss Ali Frye….sometimes there’s no time to really share anything during these crazy weeks but we did and we had a really fantastic time. Two peas in a crazy pod!

Busy Busy Busy

So the week is here…East Coast Music Week! Kicking off on Wednesday and running through till Sunday. It’s an exciting one fr me this year as there’s a new record, a new team and new prospects all flowing around right now. Love it. Little sad note is our dear dear friends Susan and Jan were due to come from Ontario but this is unfortunately not happening….thats the only boo so far! We love ya Jan and Sue!

On another note, it was Mothers Day yesterday and I missed saying “I love you” to my Mum. I can never ever keep track of when Mother’s day or Fathers day is in Ireland as I live in Canada….(same thing when I lived in Australia) so I’m sorry Mum. I love you xox

Other Matters of Business:

Matt Mays Juno’s YES!

Thinking of Jay Smith

Wishing Spring would get sprung already

Wishing Ali kills her exams…#redbullpopcornstressballsoonover

That is all for now….keep yer eye on the ball

ECMW Charlottetown April 2nd to 6th


Well folks it’s just around the corner now, The East Coast Music Week. This year it’s in Charlottetown Prince Edward Island.

I will be showcasing a number of times throughout the week and I hope to see some of the amazing acts that are rolling into town too.

The Maritimes is rocking with talent and I feel pretty lucky to be here.

Myself and my team are so excited about the coming 12 months. New aforementioned Team. New Record to offer.New territory to tour. New Merch. A lot of new news ha! I am excited as hell and I can’t wait to see you on the road and to meet new people a long the way. I am usually one to believe in tempting fate but I really don’t care ….I’m gonna say it….Life, both personal and professional, is pretty damned near to perfect right now!

I’ll see you out there on the road and keep your eye on the ball


Record is almost done!

So tomorrow the record goes to be Mastered. I couldn’t be happier with what has happened in the last two weeks. Mark, Liam and I had an absolute blast. Everyone who was involved just rocked it. Really really rocked it. I was also determined to use as many Island (PEI) musicians as possible….so apart from me ,and one Mr Dale Murray, there are no other Come From Aways!

I can’t say enough about Mark Geddes and Liam Corcoran. We worked from morning until night day after day. The ideas that were being bounced around were incredible. These guys were a frigging joy to work with. As this coming week rolls in I will be sharing some pictures from the last two weeks and explaining more in dept about what we just accomplished, the list of people involved, what where how why blah blah! Ye get the picture.

Also I really need to pull out the fireworks and fanfare here for everyone who contributed to my Indiegogo campaign to raise the funds to do this. We didn’t reach the proposed goal but we almost got there. I thank you, I thank you, I thank you. This literally could not have happened with out you. FACT!

K…I’m off to stress over the Mastering …I mean I am off to patiently await the Mastered project! Mr Jon Mathews is taking the reins and I am pumped to see/hear the outcome

Good night all :)

The new album


So I am getting ever closer to the start of the recording of the new record. Everybody is standing by. The fundraising Indiegogo campaign has only 10 days left and it’s gotten almost 3,000 dollars in funding….to which I can’t say thank you enough you crazy believers you!
I am anxious and excited and I’m doing that thing I always do before a project starts…”I’m not ready…I am SO ready…No one will like it…I don’t care if no one gets it it’s my best work….I am writing the best song ever who’s that on the Oscars…I am hungry …don’t bother me with hunger I am creating..blah blah…” you know the usual.
I am proud of these songs. Really proud. It is a maturity in my writing and I am excited. Scared shipless but excited. I can’t wait to show them to you all. I simply can’t wait for the journey to commence

Winter Get Away

So I’ve been M.I.A for a week or so and I am so happy about that fact. The reason? Ali and I jumped in the van with Sam (our Shepard Collie) Dyson (our Dachshund) and Hannah (the boss cat) and headed for the wilds of Nova Scotia! No mobile or internet service and it was divine.

Our hosts were unbelievable and gracious and I can’t remember the last time we had such a relaxing carefree run of days. We went snowshoeing everyday and ate and drank like kings at night. The cabin was wonderful and we worked when we wanted to ….I actually wrote another song for the album and Ali toiled over her notes and computer and we didn’t miss the internets at al! Ha!

There is something about being out there…walking in the woods….listening to rushing water and being with my family that made me feel 10 years younger and ready for anything. The air seemed sweeter, days seemed longer, senses were heightened for sure. we adored it.

We can not wait to head off again but for now,  with this feeling of being re-energized , we are ready for the toil yet again. Great things keep coming our way and I for one am truly grateful.


Loving this life



I was annoyed today that we couldn’t leave for our little holiday to the cabin. I was annoyed by the weather that came in and prevented us from leaving. Then I learned of the pile up and the bridge being closed and I felt like a silly spoilt child. We didn’t leave today and as a result I had a wondrous day with Ali,talking and watching movies and creating and playing with the animals….I felt like a spoilt child because I could have been driving through this weather…we could have had an accident…someone could have gotten hurt…no one did of course and instead I had a brilliant day. So I must learn that everything happens for a reason and don’t be so damned childish next time something doesn’t go your way. …. That’s what I learned today…this brilliant day


I learn every day

I learn that I am stronger than I think and for some things not strong enough

I learn how to communicate better and when to be silent

I learn when to take things to heart and when to let it roll off my back

I learn about my craft ….always learning about my craft

I learn to be more patient and yet I am as eager as a four year old on a bouncy castle!

I learn that there are so many things I can’t control yet still seem to try…this is also an ongoing learning experience ha..patience young Padawan

I learn that I have to stop sometimes and take in a huge breathe and then just let it out and in doing so reset the body and the mind and shake off negative thoughts

I learn that I giggle when I try and talk like a new age hippy

Basically people, I try and constantly learn….



So the lovely Ali Frye and I went to the Steve Poltz show yesterday eve and it was killer. I love watching Steve grab the crowd and shake them about the room then at times, gentle seat them again only to, gracefully again, slam em ’round the room again. He has a way of bringing you on that journey that all troubadours strive for. He is a great showman for sure but what I dig most about Steve is he never forgets that the most important thing in that room is not ego, lighting, sound, money, merch sales…it’s us, the very people seated or standing in front of him enjoying everything he does. He knows that’s what keeps him on the road night after night doing what he does. It’s us, the audience.

And earlier today I had a very cool sit down and play with a very cool singer/songwriter here in PEI….things are developing but like I said in earlier posts I am keeping all that hush hush for now but I will reiterate just how excited I am about the coming months!

Also in todays musings….it’s my Dads birthday..I spoke to him earlier today and he was in mighty form and sure why wouldn’t he be with such a gem as my Mother by his side Happy birthday Dad. You know I have two heroes and you are one (winking also at you Mam)


Things I Know verses …well the other stuff

It gets to this time of the night (1:34am) or morning if you want to be picky, when I know I should be hitting the pillow with my nogging but it always seems to be the very time I want to play and write…I don’t know what it is about this time of night….maybe it’s the calm outside or maybe it’s the day is done but I am not. I don’t know. There’s so much to do and I feel more productive than I have ever felt in my career. These are good, no great things, but it is somewhat hilarious to me that I wait for something to go wrong….the old “things are going so good …shite they must be going too good so now it’s all got to go down the toilet” syndrome ha! Ah I don’t know….I do know these things for certain though:

1. I am happier than I have been in a long time, realistically, ever.
2. I am more productive musically than I have ever been
3. I have a network of friends that I am fiercely loyal to and am protected by ya know who ye’s all are
4. I am truly blessed to have my partner Ali in my life
5. I am healthy and fit and getting more so everyday
6. I have the best set of fans/followers/friends/supporters in the biz
7. I love that I am now living on Prince Edward Island
8. I am truly enjoying being so honest during these musings

So these are the things I do know….the rest? Well that stuff I’m just making up as I go along but aren’t we all
Now I am off to watch the cat throw things at Ali…brilliant!